Importance of Printing

Most of the millions of photographs taken daily never see the print side of paper or canvas.  It is so easy to view photos on the many digital devices most of us have; but, are we missing something? My answer to that is an overwhelming yes! I would take it a step further and say the best of the photos should not only be printed but should also be framed, or at least put in a photo album or maybe even published in a book.  Online publishers, such as and others, make it easy and affordable to publish your photos in a book.

Let’s say you want to print and frame a group of photos.  My advice is to go to a local photography store and work with whomever is doing the printing. Here is Savannah my favorite is Peter at Worldwide Camera, who has the expertise to make the photos “pop” when printed. He is also really good with Photoshop and is willing to work with you to do the editing you need.

The next part of the project is to have the photos framed. I have chosen to get my frames online at American Frame.  There are many other reputable companies but I have gotten good results from this company.  You choose the size(s), the specific frame(s), the glass, mat board, and the mounting board.  You have to then frame the photograph which takes a little work but saves about 50% over taking the photo to a local framing store. If you are not interested in doing the framing, take the photo(s) to a local framing store.

Finally, make sure you hang the photos so you and others can enjoy your work.  This is a photo I took recently of a friend, had it Photoshopped and printed by Peter, and is waiting to be framed. Can’t wait to see the final result.  The print is gorgeous!