Isle of Hope 275th Anniversary

In the year 1736, Henry Parker, John Fallowfield, and Noble Jones were each granted 500 acre tracts on the Isle of Hope. On October 15(2011), the 275th isle of Hope Anniversary was celebrated in grand fashion.  A gorgeous sunrise started the day with early morning  runners getting ready for the upcoming Rock n’ Roll Marathon seen on Bluff Drive. The festivities carried through the entire day, ending with an oyster roast at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Vendors lined most of the length of Bluff Drive. Any major celebration must have a parade, and parade we did with a US Army Marching Band, decorated golf carts, numerous celebrities, a colorful collection of antique automobiles, and numerous other participants. I can’t forget to recognize the Chatham County Police represented by Officers on horseback. There were bands and of course the Annual Isle of Hope Art Show which was combined with the Anniversary Celebration. A huge thank you goes to the volunteers who put in many hours of hard work to make this happen. Fun was had by all! Maybe we will not wait another 25 years before doing it again.

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