Benefits of Photography

What photography can do is limitless, for both the photographer and the viewer of the photographs. The obvious thing it does is to capture the moment, whether an abstract, a beautiful landscape, a portrait, or whatever.  A photograph may be a true work of art that gives its viewers the things art can provide.  Photography can occupy time (whether it is a hobby or a profession), can be therapeutic for the onlooker or the person behind the camera, can give pleasure or pain, and can elicit the gamut of emotions.

Recently, I was invited to attend and take candid photographs at a rehearsal for The Savannah Children’s Choir.  The Choir is community-based, represents many ethnic and socioeconomic groups, and provides its children an opportunity to participate in activities with many benefits beyond the song (go to  Over 80 children from the 2nd through 7th grades were at the rehearsal.  I was floored with what I heard and saw. (I have attended a couple of their concerts prior to the rehearsal which were wonderful.) Emmy Williams, Director of Education, conducted the rehearsals with the support of a number of other adults.  The children were well-behaved, noticeably had fun, and sounded great, as Ms. Williams guided them through the practice – all, while they are learning.  If most of our teachers had the obvious expertise and commitment that she does, America would be at the top of all education lists.

You may be reading asking yourself “what does this have to do with photography?” Photography enabled me to observe something very special I would have otherwise not seen.  I was given a gift. These are photographs of one of the younger and one of the older members of the choir.

SCC-001 SCC-002