THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO(S).  Journalistic photography or photojournalism employs photos to tell a news story. I suggest that all photographs tell a story, many stories, or at least a moment in a story. Photographs can be taken in such a way to create a smooth, flowing narrative of a sequence of events, or in a way that is random and is a seemingly disjointed documentation of an event. For example, wedding photography is evolving from the random style to the story-telling style.

Back to this story. A patient, and long-time friend, gave me two tickets to The Annual SCAD Fashion Show. One of my favorite outfits of the afternoon caught my eye as we were approaching the entrance to event at The SCAD Museum. Once inside some of the attendees were captured through the lens of my camera – even their shoes.

And then the show began. Little did I know that my wife and I were sitting immediately in front of a very loud sub-woofer, which meant that we not only could hear the bass part of the music but could also feel the vibrations, for the next 20 minutes or so of the show! All of the wardrobes were both design and construction creations of the students, many simply amazing! Light, color, gesture, and texture all combined to contribute to the sensory overload generated by what we were seeing – and don’t forget the music, especially the bass. And then it was over, almost as quickly as it began. Outside, two attendees pose for a photo. That’s my story, at least a small part – to be continued.

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