Photographs are a way to capture a moment for all times.  They help us document events, record the beauty (and sometimes the antithesis) of the world we live in, and provide memories of friends and loved ones.  As people grow in age, we all change. A portrait is a wonderful way to preserve who we are in the moment. A great portrait reveals something of who we are. Some portraits become iconic, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and more recently Steve McCurry’s Afghan Girl. Headshots are a special type of portrait that shows the upper shoulders and face, and hopefully something of the character of the person we are seeing – these are usually shot without distractions such as jewelry or a busy background. Headshots are used by actors, and just about everyone else in social media.

As a portrait and headshot photographer, my goal is to produce photographs that elicit a response of “like who you see.”  Please contact me to schedule your opportunity for such a photograph.



The following gallery is an example of my recent headshots. Please enjoy! The best way to view the photographs is to click on one thumbnail and use you arrow keys to navigate through the gallery at your own pace.


All photos copyright  Dan Biggerstaff Photography. All rights reserved © 2013.