The Art of Great Fashion – 2011

The Telfair Academy Guild’s Art of Great Fashion on November 7, 2011 was a categorical success. The evening began with a themed silent auction, was highlighted by a fast-paced runway show, and ended with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Fashions put together by the design team from Gaucho were accented by the work of resident artist, Marcus Kenney. Accented is really an understatement. His creations along with that of Monica McMasters and B Street Salon worked their magic that made the show. Copper Penny provided the all important foot wear. All together, this made for a fun-filled evening that would be the envy of any New York or Paris designer. This was a show that entertained all, even the most hard-core guys in the audience. Rather than trying to describe the evening any further, enjoy the photographs. You may click on the large image below to start the slideshow or click on individual thumbnails to view a specific shot.

All photos copyright  Dan Biggerstaff Photography. All rights reserved © 2012.