Mater is alive!

Mater is REAL!

Certain things in photography are so basic I hate to mention in a photo blog, but I will anyway. Always have your camera with you, and never go back for a shot. You cannot take a photograph, at least a high quality one, if you do not have your camera. Yeah, I know that the device in your pocket or purse that you receive text messages and a rare phone call on can take photos – give me a break. I am talking about a real photo. If we agree on point one, let’s go to number two. If you plan to go back and take a shot, odds are it will not be there, or at least the lighting will have changed dramatically.

My wife and I were driving back from Charleston to Savannah. On the far side of a small town (a really small town), Cottageville, S.C., I, all of a sudden, turned the car around, and my wife wanted to know what was going on. We had just passed the “real” Mater, and I had to get a shot. For those of you without small children or grandchildren, Mater, a tow truck, is one of the main characters in a Disney movie called Cars 2. I present the real thing. Please share with all the small children you know.

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